In the spotlight – Monster Hydrangeas

Mature Monster hydrangea plants £18.99

Always Fresh

Mature pure white plant with a flurry of  flowering heads. wrapping optional making them the perfect gift for the keen gardener in your life.

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– 5 trays of any bedding plants

– 50L of compost

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Bedding plants




– Marigold

– Begonia

– Petunia

– Busy Lissie

– Pansy’s

– Geranium




– 7 trays of any bedding plants


– FREE same day delivery


Bit for the Bees.

5 things we ALL can do!


- LAVENDER (bees love it even more than we do} and other garden flowers are essential to the honey bees survival.


- if you can never use chemicals and pesticides to get rid of weeds the bees love them especially dandelions and you could accidentally be hurting them! 

- buy local honey 😉


- Bee Baths! here is a link on how to do it


- Sponser a hive !